★ What’s your name?

Juliet. Juby. Jubes. Jubarang. Jubapalooza. Jubymeister. Lord Jubyton the Third.

★ Do you write your lyrics?

I like to think so.


★ Are you twelve?


★ Are you rockleetist?


★ Are you a vocaloid?

Not yet.

★ Can we hear more of your natural voice?

Do you prefer primal screaming or do you have something more kinky in mind?

★ When were you born?

January 22nd 1995

★ Can I stalk you?

Sure. No smelling my clothes though.

★ Can I add you on Skype?

I’m rarely ever on so if you find and add me, I’ll see you March of 2020

★ What equipment do you use?

  • Adobe Audition CS3: Super expensive…*cough* if you don’t know what a torrent is
  • Yet mic (by Blue)
  • Pop Filter (by Blue)

★ I’m poor, what equipment do you recommend?

  • Take a read through THIS first. Also, it’s the best Utaite blog out there so take look through it for other advice too!
  • Audacity or Garage Band: Both are free but Audacity is very limited in mixing, and I’ve never used Garage Band so I can’t say.
  • Snowball mic (by Blue): The cheap, portable, adorable, and just as good little brother to the Yeti mic. You can find it on amazon refurbished for $60.

Do you take requests?

It’s kind of a really lazy system of mental and physical lists. Although I may not reply, I see all requests and take them into consideration. If a song is requested a thousand times, I’ll consider it more heavily and blah blah blah you know. It’s really just whatever I have time for and I’m like “OH HELL TO THE YES” about singing.

★ Will you sing my lyrics?

I write my own lyrics not out of pride, but out of my own ineptness. If I really really love the lyrics, I take it upon myself to sit down and learn them, but otherwise I’m picky with my time. Like. I could be watching anime instead. Seriously.

Will you do a duet with me?

I used to be more open to collaborations but now with college to take up my life energy, I’m keeping it simple. Unless you are a youtaite with a channel, more than a few covers, and a serious work ethic, I will not be open for duets. I’m picky with my time and give it my all to make something good.

★ Do you have any tips on writing lyrics?

  • Sing-ability: Making lyrics flow and easy to sing is always important. To do this, it’s best to pay attention to word choice. Rhyme when you can and even close rhymes are fine (ex. begin & nothing). Words with rolling consonants are great. Like “little” has a light “t” sound and doesn’t have to be hit hard, so it’s great for a line you have to sing fast.
  • Rhythm: In my own opinion, English lyrics should be able to keep up with the Japanese in relation to syllables. For example, “su-KI-de-SU” could be made into “You-ARE-My-LOVE” or something better lol. But my main point is that the number of syllables and inflections should try to match up with the japanese. It’s okay to get a little loose with it of course haha! It’s just all about keeping the rhythm together.
  • Meaning: In terms of meaning, I think it’s important to more or less understand the song before any lyrics get set down. It doesn’t have to be the “right” meaning but “your” meaning. Believe it or not, people like to see a different take on a song. It keeps them involved and interested! But of course they still have to be accurate haha! And it’s okay to use just one translation for reference, but I recommend reading a few (if available) and watching the PV to really get your brain going.

★ How long does it take for you to cover a song?

It takes anywhere between 2-6 hours to write lyrics, singing takes 1-4 hours, and mixing can take no time or forever haha. In terms of days, it takes about 3 to 6!

★ How do you add harmonies?

I’m not as apt as other singers are at figuring out harmonies. I try 2 different things. The first, which I use a lot, is simply singing an octave down or up then multiplying these vocals through Harmony Engine Evo. The second is the easy way to figure out harmonies. If you can find a program that has a “Central Channel Extractor” feature (like Adobe Audition) or something that isolates the side channels, you can usually hear the harmonies and learn them. But once you get your harmonies, it’s best to use some reverb and put them on the side channels to place them behind your main vocals.

★ How do you mix your covers?

I use Adobe Audition CS6 (torrents are great) and these three basic effects for all of my mixes. Each mix will vary because your goal is to make sure the voice and the instruments….mix well.

  • Multiband Compressor > Pop Master
  • Special > Mastering > Bright Hype (lessen the Exciter)
  • Reverb > Studio Reverb > Small Room

This is a pretty simple mix and then I go back and tweak things like putting a Limiter or giving it an Acoustic Duet effect to soften it up a bit.

You really just go by ear and play around!

**Again and again, THIS blog! Look through it for the love of god because I’m self taught and know very little!

★ Where do you find off vocals/instrumental/karaoke?

  1. Go to http://piapro.jp/
  2. Search the original japanese name of the song in the search bar at the top (make sure the musical note is selected)
  3. Find your song with karaoke (カラオケ) or off vocal written next to it (off vocal is always written in English)
  4. Make note that this is a Japanese site, so you might have an easier time with google translate. (I have Chrome so it’s automatic)

★ I’m planning on becoming a youtaite, any tips?


Here are a bunch of sites I’ve given advice on or think are just good utaite resources:




Also this FAQ should give you some general tips.

★ Can you listen to my cover and give me advice?

As for advice on singing, I can’t in good conscience give you anything more than the support to find a teacher or encourage singing in groups (ie. choir, musicals, ect). You see, singing is a muscle that needs to be developed and you’re ears also have to be trained to hear beat/pitch/tone. This only happens with practice and professional help like those that had complimented your voice before. They know how to grow your voice, I don’t (because I’m a singer not a teacher).

Here’s a great directory of singing teachers in America (sorry rest of the world) and I hope this could be your first step into something amazing:



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