About Me! (o´3`o)

Hello. I am a lazy person. Do not expect much from this page.

This is possibly due to the fact that I’m writing this at 2 AM or just because I don’t like writing ‘about’ pages.
Either way, I’ll do my best to make sense.

I sing, I write lyrics, I do things for fun.

Here’s how I got to this point:

Vocaloid has long been a like of mine, but it soon became love as it took over my itunes along with my heart.
There wasn’t a lot of thought that I put in when I started doing English covers, I mean, there was no thought.
I had bought a mic impulsively and sung a Vocaloid song impulsively. Then, here’s the “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” part, I posted it to YouTube. Now this isn’t one of those inspiring stories where I was hit right away.
No. I wasn’t even a hit after months of posting my covers.

Ah wait, I feel like I need to explain why I did English covers.
You see, I didn’t like dubs- well bad dubs at least. They just seemed sloppy and never lived up to the original but…..there’s no way I was singing in Japanese! I would just be embarrassing myself! So I had no choice but to write some lyrics up and hope for the best. Once again, not a lot of thought went into this. Anyway, back to my many month failure…aah let’s see. Oh right! I was terrible! I think I had like 30 subscribers and dear god I cherished them like precious treasure. Precious precious treasure. However, I was using my personal account and didn’t want anyone (ANYONE) to know I was singing on YouTube.

So I took my user pic, changed it to pink, and became JubyPhonic P! It rhymed with JubyComic, because I was drawing comics at the time, and then I slapped a random P at the end thinking “This just seems right.”. NOOOOOOOO! I later found out that the P stood for ‘producer’ and I certainly was no producer.Yes. It keeps me up at night. So moving on then, I became Juby and started at the bottom again. Climbing and falling and climbing and falling and- you get the point. Things weren’t going great, but I was having so much fun answering the 3 comments I would get and would take a lifetime to think of how to reply. Words aren’t my forte.

Turning point! My brother. He had caught on that I was secretly singing these covers on YouTube. Crap.
He was the last person I wanted to know about this. And then one day, as I’m entering my room, he swivels in my computer chair, looking as smug as ever, and asks me “Would you like some assistance?”.
Oh god. This is bad. But it turned out pretty good! My brother is crazy skilled at mixing it turns out and taught me (almost) everything about it. Like magical magic I was able to record my first cover to break 1,000 views: Toumei Answer

I was insanely happy. Like really, I had lost my sanity and I was working twice as hard now. And I have been ever since! Mixing is fun, singing is exciting, and have people supported me every step of the way. I’m still not putting a lot of thought into all of this but as long as people want me to sing, I will!


6 thoughts on “About Me! (o´3`o)

  1. Juby!

    I’ve been listening to your covers on Youtube. You’re doing such a good job. You’re voice is fantastic and I ADORE your English lyrics. It’s all so beautiful. Really. You’re my inspiration. I’m trying to get my voice as good as yours. Don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but Juby, just let me say you’re a wonderful person with a wonderful voice. Thank you for all your wonderful English covers!

    • Oh wow I’m 2 months late to see this! Sorry! And umm well thank you!! ( º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀ )
      I’m not sure that I’m the best person to look up to, but I’ll do my best to be worthy of such an honor. And good luck with your singing adventures (because they definitely ARE adventures)!

  2. OMG you dropped the P. Well, I hated it, since it made you look to me like “a weeaboo who thinks she is composing a song when she is just doing English version”, and no, I’m not saying this in a offensive way. There are just some small things that sometimes I think that could be another way, but your covers are still awesome, lol.

    • Oh no, I know! It killed me when I realized it, but I was in too deep by that point.
      Even now, I can’t change my name on some stuff and drives me up a wall.
      Ah well, lessons were learned, and I just kinda have to laugh about it in retrospect now. ^^

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