Trick and Treat (Translyrics)

Buried deep, buried deep
Into the forest you will follow haunting notes drawing your near
Come with me, come with me
You’re getting closer, can’t you taste it in the air? No need to fear
Quickly now, feel it pound
With every step you hurry forward into darkness all around
Come on in, hasn’t been
A very lively place too long
Let’s play a game, ready? Begin!
Cinnamon sticks and magic tricks go hand in hand like plague on a land
Think of it like your drowning in a pool of syrup and you never can
Dream again and let it fall away, your bitter sorrows are at bay
Just drink it in, they’re made from up above
So good they’ll make you fall down

Sleep but remember sweets are best
When they’re wrapped in dreams so deep you shouldn’t leave
Pulled from eyes, you see this world for what it really is
Try not to scream
Don’t lose your head, your feet and hands
Bounded tightly as scrape along the floor
You’ve given in, give up and get back
Giving us your word, let’s start

Flicker through the dark
The double edges shine a light of doubt cut cleanly by a knife
Love games to lose
No not a single feeling goes un-soured by the hands of life
And what I saw there
Peeking beyond the blindfold was a sight sore eyes should never see
Laughing lanterns light up
Growing on but never knowing
How their shadows shook me deep

Oh me oh my, what’s with this guy?
Who let you rise before it was time?
If this blindfold really doesn’t work, then maybe I’ll just make you blind!
Hey come on, you really shouldn’t laugh
But it’s so cute how you think that you can
You’re still so lost, we’ll help you find your way
So start Act II of our play

“Hey…can I have..?”

Are you afraid? No need to shake
Like a mouse who’s trapped and trying hard to breathe
Or would you like some nice warm milk to stop your beating heart
from jumping free?
Come join the fun, warm like the sun, welcome to our cozy home
we fill with love
All that we ask is in your grasp, so give us just a bit from your pocket
Hey can we have what’s in your hand?
C’mon hurry now! Are you really hurrying?
No need to know don’t ask, don’t tell
You’re playing by the rules we make so well
Eat every sweet so you believe in our decency
We call it trick and treat
Now is the time to take what’s mine so hand it over here
Hand it to me


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