Guren no Yumiya (Translyrics)

Time the prey learns that we are the hunters!

Stand above the fallen flowers
Torn and nameless final hours
Flightless birds and dead winds rising
Call to god in all their writhing
Broken knees they scream to silence
No reply and no one saves them
Change the writing on the wall now
One for all and all will fall down

Screw the ones looking down on us
Fight to win! Stand above! All the dead on the ground!
Caged and happy never can keep me
Starving wolves at least die free!

Take all the pain and the hate burning in you
Let it run wild! Rip away so you choose
Raise the lights they’re meeting their maker
Stage is set for the slayer!
Blazing inside like a light they ignited
Fire away all the rage in my head
Raising a bow and arrow to the sky
Burn red in this twilight


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