Ayano’s Theory of Happiness (Translyrics)

Again those years run on by

My mind filling up with only family

“Ayano now ’s your big sister everyone

so try to get along with her for me please”

Little house of crimson brick, we all had fit inside of that place

Two and fro they whispered back, making plans of their own so it seemed

Looking deep into their eyes, so red in all three and then I see

Hidden just beneath are memories grown ups never see

Terror in his face he said “I’m a monster deep inside” filled with fear

But they’re wrong and so I said “That’s not true at all, just look here”

“That red you hate so much, a hero wears it proud! No really”

“It’s okay, no need to be afraid anymore”

Thinking of what’d be fun, or might be dumb,

I was a big sister and tried my best too

“Hey guys, look over here!” A crimson muffler I wrapped around me

“A secret brigade -er something”

Dye it in madder of roses, so we can begin

Just because we play heroes, it doesn’t mean nothing

“So maybe just a little we’ll smile again”

And always be one big happy family

I hope they’re happy and laughing at every new day

And if they just couldn’t take it, they wont run away

“Now listen close, hear this secret for you”

And so the sun sets on a day fun and new

Blowing spring into the air, the adult world we knew was changing too

Something wrong I couldn’t see, like a plan of their own so it seemed

Billow tears and fade away, the people that I love keep crying out

No one seems to notice but it’s all dying into black

It’s all gone wrong, but now I knew deep down

I couldn’t tell a single soul how I felt

“God no, oh please don’t destroy what I had found”

In came a world where our happiness died and flew out

Oh madder red no, I beg you, can take no more

Why can’t you stop breaking futures so there’ll be tomorrow?

The tears never stop falling the answer is clear

Hiding behind smiles from ear to ear

If they were my eyes, such red eyes, I wonder could I

be their one and only hero who saves their future?

I’m clumsy awkward and shameful no less

But on this mission, I must go alone…

Now I’m gone and wonder what the brigade is doing now and hope again

They’re smiling all the time and they’re getting along with each other

They probably hate me now or maybe just hurt

I wonder, have I become for them their big sister by now?

Will you remember the word I loved with every bit inside me

That “happiness” ah how strange it is, the feeling

And as tomorrow breaks, I hope you love it too


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