Toluthin Antenna (Translyrics)

Bump into the back of a kinda cute guy
Shoot I didn’t do the homework due in by nine
One crunch and I’ve already thrown out my back
Oh my god I ran my face right in the trash

Take a sigh and let it roll right off,
and I skip to the beat just to fall on my face
like a sea cucumber’s rhythm dance
I’m super pumped up, I wonder what kind of aglae I’ll catch!

Yeah so don’t ignore me, but I think you want to
So your hanging on by love’s antenna
To left and right again you know you’ll never win
Cuz you and I were meant to be in love
Just like a whisker flickering, my constant bickering
Is lately sickening so I’ll just sleep
Pocket of melty kisses chocolate night dreams
Til we both yawn and fall into the stars

Toss out a love letter I know you didn’t read
Oh my gosh is that a snail taking the lead
White noises bouncing around my head
And I lock it all up just to close it again
Eating curry makes me want miso soup
Now I’m super pumped up, I wonder kind of fad I will catch?

Hey d’you know your eyes they light up
Like the sky up above? What’s your secret?
God I gotta know
I’m making friends with shadows though it’s like a dream
And if it is, I hope it doesn’t change
We’ll count it 1 2 3 and then you’ll walk to me
And tell me “We should be…” Hold on, I’m not there yet.
My sleepy scars closing up and fall away
Right after bumping into such a smile

A E I owe you an answer, every vowel after, this small stanza better listen close
I like the things I like and even things I hate so then I guess
I like this after all

And yeah I like to rhyme so you can suck a lime
Or maybe just an orange but nothing rhymes with orange
Oh man I want some pasta we should just give in
So let’s go out for udon after this


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