Super Hero (Translyrics)

It started at a very tender young age
I had dreams of only men in red capes
Cities filled with wild and crazy bad guys
Begs for help from oh so needed hero

Picking up the people’s random garbage
Trying to help the city’s lost kittens
Telling kids to pick on those of their size
Kicking butts of thieves including this guy
Next time I’ll be aiming a little bit higher
Bringing justice to the whole world

Leave it up to me because
I’m a Super Hero!!
Every lawbreaker is answering to me
After fighting all of super lethal battles
I can only come up with one theory
That the real evil isn’t starting up from the streets
…It’s from the government!

History is cut throat when looking back at it
So what if a few lives are lost in the process?
However you surely must grasp this concept
To beat the real enemy

I will persevere because
Change the world you know now, the time has finally come
He’s a raging a psychopath He’s a rotten murderer
But those in a glass house just shouldn’t throw stones!

Terrorist they call me? Hey you must be kidding me
Where the hell’re you taking me, I’m just trying to help!
Citizens, this little town, everyone, but only you
Promised I would save you, hero I would be!
But television never showed an ending like this
All I ever wanted was to be the one to save the world
..oh yeah someone like you…Ah

I know I’m not the one that’s going crazy
Justice never sleeps, it’s never lazy
And again a hero will be rising
To reclaim this rotten world from all it’s sin


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