Summer’s End, Love’s Beginning (Translyrics)

A bright and candy colored kind of festival
Took an awful lot of courage to ask you here
And do you think yukatas are too weird on me?
My face is already turning red
Oh my god!

A spark inside my chest is just about to burst
Thinking about how nervous I must be by now
I’m so timid when it comes to you, I don’t know why
With all these feelings I cant describe

With you so near me, I hope you hold my hand
Every finger hanging close
And yet too far for me to really grasp
Oh my god!

I really have to wonder why
It seems we haven’t moved at all
I just don’t know if you and I will ever try
And be more than “just be friends”
Wanna know just how you feel
But for now we are just passing time

Suddenly a burst of a firework and you glance to the side
“Pretty, aren’t they?” with a big grin
That’s the smile that I’ve been dying to see
Fireworks beating in my heart as I knew love was alive
I made a wish up upon them
Oh please Oh please Let me be closer to him

I don’t know if I’m really all that interesting
Is he not having any fun at all?
This silence in between the flares are killing me
It cannot mean there is nothing to say

And I’m getting nervous, I’m feeling it in my bones
Now the tears are building up the words hanging on my tongue
Oh my god.

What if you never hear those words?
Can we continue being friends?
But in the end behind your smile
I know that I’ll
Be a burden unto you
I can see it in your eyes
There’s something bothering you deep inside

Last of the fireworks fly and it’s all over too soon
You say goodbye and turn your back
And I already wanna see you again
With you and me I know I never want leave you alone
I was so scared but now I know
That deep inside I have to tell you now

Those days we had spent
They Were just about the funnest of funnest of days I’ve ever had ever
And right before my eyes
Staying just as friends I wasnt able It’s just too painful
This feeling was building and slowly pushing me
To be closer to your side I don’t think that I can hide

Suddenly the burst of firework “Please don’t go away!”
So surprised you look at me, as I walk to you so brazenly
Summer ends another love has come to start in it’s place
To sum up how I really feel To stuff it into one sentence
I need to make this really clear. Always, always…
I’d fallen for you.

Of course you smiled so sweetly with that look on your face…


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