Perfectionist Complex (Translyrics)

From morning til midnight I cant find a reason
This world keeps on turning without a single motive
The value of this life results to nothing much
Even if I were to die nothing would change

If it didn’t matter either way then I would stay
I’d choose life and I would die another day
Because I know right now if I were to die
I would rather leave a bit of me behind

And I’m terrified, the future is unclear
In my own eyes, the past is dark
“Why wont you go? It hurts so much.”
Wish my feelings would all be thrown all away

If it didn’t matter either way then both the same
I would laugh so I could cry another day
And because of that I know if I’m alone
I would rather laugh my time all away

I wont love myself unless I am
Flawless in every single thing I do
Hesitating only shows how weakly you are
Feelings only just get in the way
So then maybe your in pain because you cant get back up now
And you cant seem to be taking anymore

Although emotions seem unnecessary
Can you not feel something warm inside the tears
Something way too hard to see, and always wobbly
I think we all call it something like a “heart”

If it didn’t matter either way, I’d never stray
So I ‘d see if it worth was my while to stay
Whether not I would cry today or maybe I’d laugh it all away
I know I’d love that small life of mine the same

And even you
Never need to try and be someone else
Just be you

“It’s all fine.” “Am I fine?” “You’re just fine.”
“And in time, you will find, you’re just fine.”


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