My Crush Was A Monster Boy (Translyrics)

One sided love of mine, who always cared for animals
Latch-key, lonely, transferred from another school
Rumors spread around the class and made it to my leery ears
That the always walked alone, oh how sad
Summer skies and long goodbyes were said into a microphone
Ending all our meet and greets; don’t go away now
Wanting just another word I stepped out from the fleeting crowd
Follow him don’t get lost; just cant wait

Passing by his house, riding by the stream
Scraping through a grove of overgrown trees
Going into a shop, Buying just ice cream
Tell me where in the world is he trying to go?

Up atop a very lonely hill, overlook the quiet wheezing town
Followed him intentions unaware, witless to the secret I had found
Flung a treat into the open air, crunched down hard with affluence of teeth
This one boy admired through and through, also raised a tiny monster

Summer drawing very close he whispered in the heated air
Pulling just a finger to a pair of pursed lips
“Keep this a secret. A secret okay?”
Then we wrapped our pinkies on that day

Running through the grass, swimming in the stream
Together you and me, and monster
Sitting side by side, Talking days and days,
Never will I forget that setting sun

Eating melted ice cream soup, Laughing bout it with a giant grin
Summer love is beckoning again, beating beating like a rushing wind
Reaching out to grab ahold your hand, but just then a rattle broke the land
In a flash it all was done at once, monster ate my only summer love

Oh come to think of it, today was the end of our summer holiday

I could almost hear your voice. Then the monster made a laughing noise.
Laughing in a voice like yours, reaching out to help me with a hand so coarse
“Hey wait! Is it really you?” “Yes it is! It’s really me!”
Then we took each other’s hands,
With second term just about to start

Suddenly a burst of cries was spreading through the school
Screaming crying shouting had been sounded all the same
Finally the two of us could rule hand in hand Then
Beating beating repeated again

Just as we had entered through the gates
Field day was just about to start
When the pistol shot is sounded out
We will run so ready steady go!
Jump through hoops to make a leap and bound
Why not aim for winning first place?
As we scarf our ice cream down, where you think should we both go?
Flung a treat into the open air, crunched down hard with affluence of teeth
This one boy admired through and through,
also is an awesome monster boy!


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