Lynne (Translyrics)

Stumbling about his words a blackened goat said
“Stand on the line, don’t get left behind”
“Train is running on without you again”

Rubbing up next to me a clawing cat said
“Where ya gonna go, do you really know?”
“Hey before you know it, you may end up dead”

My wrists are rubbing red from holding too tight
I alone, walk my own way down this never ending path
Drown down the rain I drink up every bit
Onto the next stop…

Can you just please just please love me?
There’s no train to take me home, please don’t leave me on my own
Can you tell me darling darling hey darling?
Did you just let out a sigh or have I now lost my mind?

Tearing out the words a flower dying had said
“Can’t feel a thing. Can’t feel a thing.”
“Beating in a heart are tired out wings”

Quiet now can’t you see the crickets are gone
Cable is cut all the doors are shut
Kicking off a sign just try and [STOP] me now
Held back the shadows piled up in my mind
Now they’re breaking out…

“Why can’t I see?” crying crying
Makes no sense I’ll never find all those feelings that were mine
Can you tell me darling darling hey darling?
Never ringing died alone Where can this poor cellphone go?

A breathing repeating thing called “rinne”
No no it’s not here the ending line isn’t here
“You’re left here” “You’re left here” rings on the right
The flashing lights scream out BANG CLANG RING too

A raven bore, just like Lenore
“Can never travel o’er to the days of yore”
“You’re much too old, you cannot hold to ‘before’! Nevermore!”

“Can you just please just please love me?”
Running over and over again
Just please rip it from my head

Say goodbye my darling darling my darling
And so on that very day I knew I was full-grown

Always thinking like two “I’m not alone” “I’m all alone”
Falling like the rain in town all the words I’d never found
Say goodbye my darling my darling my darling!
Spinning round and round it goes Where it stops nobody knows
“On her own she walks again…What a miserable Lynne.”


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