Shounen Brave (Translyrics)

“Leave me alone” I cried “and please quit teasing me!”
Shivering up and down, I couldn’t do a thing

Why am I so afraid of being left behind?
Sometimes I think that “bravery” just doesn’t like me

We were the same, a dog abandoned in the rain
Reaching a hand, I begged for him to know my pain

Holding him tight, I whispered shaking in the night
“You’re different, right? You won’t bully me and things will be alright”

“How ’bout you and me be friends?”
“But we’ll never have to use any words”
“Although I’ve still got things to speak”

I just couldn’t see the tragedy soon to be

I heard it loud and soon had come to find
These voices that had knocked at my mind

“Wow, they’re really rotten!” “Cheat ‘em and you leave ‘em”
“You’re the worst” “Just die, make my day!”

And all but me could scream inside
They just won’t hear me, listen, or try

Not a word to swallow left me feeling hollow
If I can’t talk, then I’ll cry!

“Well this is what you get for holding on”
The haunting noise from lonely sung

And buried this in me because
“It’s eye for eye”

Another day, the same they’re cloudy minds will rain
Soaking me through, I start to break and melt away

Never to stop, I steal whatever’s on their mind
So I’m the monster who they’re not allowed to treat kind

Running away, I thought I could maybe escape
Standing in place would only make me suffocate

Dodging the daggers from their eyes and brushed aside
I flew away and out of their sight to where they couldn’t find

Circling the woods, I know
Is crazy but there was nowhere to go home

And I was so afraid, you know
But so happy now because it’s you I had found

I heard it loud “I wait to hear the sound”
“That soon will paint my world up and down”
“Someone, please I’m begging”
“Take me far away from the constant fear!”
“I’m so alone here!”

The “me” inside that sat and cried
Picked up himself and left it behind

“Scared of what they’re thinking?”
“Maybe you can never be brave and change what’s to come?”

But knocking on that door “I know what’s true”
And sure the story’s soft and new

I’ll slowly turn that cover page and open up

Helplessly crying, she was sitting there
“Day after day, it never will end”
“I dream that this whole world will break
To pieces plenty but can’t do a thing!”

“I’m scared” a feeling understood
“It hurts” a voice I know too well and should
Wouldn’t it be nice if one day we could be saved like in a fairy tale?

I broke out words, knocked on your heart
This feeling’s new, don’t know where to start

We’ll talk to each other like
“Hey, it doesn’t matter! It’s all alright”
“So please just don’t cry!”

If “me” inside and I can laugh
Our hearts are one and are leaving the past

Maybe even now “my heart that’s saving others”
is something closer to “brave”

And as I know I’m turning every page
And moving forward everyday

I’ll hear the voices from beyond that old door never again

daze (Translyrics)

Concrete beating up and down
In a dream, fell awake, hazy days were never ending

Templates follow all around
Same old days, but we just didn’t know

High tempo and rhythm flies
Not enough, try again, when’ll tragedy end?

Wouldn’t say that we’re done just yet
So don’t cry to the floor anymore

C’mon, batten down your eyes
Don’t know where to turn?
Without you, there’s nowhere to go

And I dream too big to live a lie so why
Should I move forward?

C’mon, throw up both your hands
Zeros all around
We didn’t solve a thing but gather again

Ready to go…
Hey, are you still there…caught in the haze?

Let’s “play”
I’m screaming ’til you hear me say
Let’s “save”
I’m fighting every single day

Grab a hand so warm you said to take
I can’t forget it anyway

Let’s “daze”
My heart’s a beat that never fades
Let’s “change”
You’ll never cry alone the same

All the “lonely days” that you dyed from gray
Because it’s you, I just know we’ll pull through and draw it again

Children Record [Revised 2014] (Translyrics)

With my white headphones, I look to the side
And then I give a slight grin as I signal to you
When I knock knock knock on that big empty doorway
My heat is gone then instantly
It overflows “Can you still not see with open eyes”
Staring ever so blankly through the back of my mind
“I don’t know” ringing out a tone I don’t hear
“Now’s the time! I’m taking back what was already mine!”
And then again,
This life can be hard
Although in a second I would give to give it up
A sickening system that taunts fate
Without me this whole world is very likely just to die

Boys and girls its time to look ahead
So we can fight that sun and live tomorrow
Bring it back around Bring it back around
A hazy crescent that is slowly burning away
Now now coding the messages with zeroes
Now moving out to a world that we call real life
Over to warfront fantasies

Oh you first” as you were sticking your tongue out
What a stupid way to hide away fear
“I’m ready, let’s go!” a password is spoken
Yet now that child can never sleep
Ever again, day is fading faster than you know
For the kids burning away all the time they have left
“Rise against” isn’t that trendy thing now
Never sleep in this heat so you better hurry up hurry up

In tempo your eyes are staring straight at mine and
High touching the beat is never everlasting
Don’t you think that we were way too slow?
So come on You’re one of us.
One chord and your eyes are staring straight at mine and
Buttoned up the beat is never everlasting
Can’t you see that this is not a joke?
Look around, it’s like a dream but way too real to be

Don’t you think we were destined to meet?
It isn’t weird that we’re all thinking the same?
“It aint so bad, is it now?”
You open up your eyes and just hold out your lone hand
Yell those cheap words and throw them away
I don’t know why, but each word is calling my name
And all this helps me to be moving forward

Boys and girls its time to look ahead
So we can fight that sun and move on forward
Bringing back the words swallowed in my mouth
“Goodbye tomorrow” “Hello” to another day and
Hey hey, this world was really pretty mean and”
“Hey, maybe I wasn’t paying much attention, but…”
That’s the end of that

Boys and girls its time to look ahead
So we can fight that sun and live tomorrow
Take it in your hand Take it in your hand
The hazy sunlight that is slowly burning away
Now now, calling the messages to end now
Now moving out to a world that we call real life
Over to warfront fantasies
That never end
I guess it isn’t a game

Summertime Record (Translyrics)

The sun’s been nice the past few days
I sit around just to watch all the clouds
A lazy hazy blue sky time
This sighing air that’s closing my eyes

A memory that just won’t come
It’s getting harder everyday
Cuz years and minutes all fly by
And just like that we’re old and grown

Adult world plans to understand
The midnight walks, funny signals to talk
“Let’s fight the day, it’s war” we’d say
Hold out your lone hand and rise up against

It made no sense but went with it
The lonely hearts just too weak to resist
Lost as I was and never found
I couldn’t take another round

Parting through waves in this tall field of grass
Glaring a hole through hazy sun
Shouting to me turning to your side
“Don’t wanna be alone? Then come and don’t!”

Even the things that I felt from before
Born in the noise that had knocked at my door
Fold in my mind and slowly flying out of sight
“Was it all a dream in the haze?”

A secret place for me and you
Where everyday was fun and new
A simple time played in our heads
We’ll tell this story again
A jet stream shoots across the sky
“It’s just so bright” we stare wide eyed
What did your face look like back then?
I don’t know why, but I can’t see it at all

A welcomed pained reality
Ran through and soon had all passed me on by
Our chosen days go slow in pace
But any second could come falling down

Played overtime the past few days
Adults afraid and then looking away
I think somewhere along on the road
We realized a lot about…

Feeling the world going ’round and around
Seeing a dying sun beat down
Shining a haze as the rays give way
“Never forget but time to move ahead”
Tapping our feet, run to meet future days
Dreaming away of tomorrows we made
No going back, we’re moving to that world ahead
“Change it knowing you’re not alone”

“But know deep down, it’s over now”
“Our secret place, our final page”
Lost as we were and what we found
We’ll tell this story again
The lonely kids will take a stand
Make up their minds and make a plan
Day after day they turn the page
“We’ll meet again someday”

“Refreshing, isn’t it?” we say
A summer sky as clear as day
Let’s breathe the air, try not to cry
It’s time to say our goodbyes
A secret place for me and you
We laughed away the Summertime blues
“Remember every page somewhere”
“and we might meet” So I will draw it again

Day after day

Outer Science (Translyrics)

Tragedy ridden, never fit in, and dead now
A life gone so quickly, would it knock at the door?
Fidgeting itty bitty master watches “Oh what an ugly tale”

Sprawling and crawling down the body and throat
Melting away the decaying and beaten down heart
Drink in and sink in every bit of your life
I’m hungry for your eyes

Hey, it’s all that you had wanted and more
And then you stared a scary glare into my core

A bleeding tragic heart before me and I’m starving

You’re in the belly of the beast
Love and your ego rest in peace
And the “weird” little you, will soon then be born anew
Just a monster by now I am loving it I cant deny but

Crying to god you scream out “Why?”
“Stop this already” you just whine
Will you suck it up now? This fate cannot be unwound

Succeeding, succeeding, succeeding, boss-to-be, can’t wait to meet

Fate, dream, and, live and, think and, die on the ground now
They fall so in love then watch it come falling down
Softly he’s snickering, the smiling snake
“How stupid can they be?”

Ah ta-ta-tell me why I can’t get enough
Gotta break it, the shaking hearts that never give up
Haunting their tauntingly inadequate lives
I’m buried in their eyes

Right, it’s living in you, crawling inside?
The power digging deep, able to “meet their eyes”

In this cold as stone, real tragedy, you’d be the queen

Cheers to the years and life you made
Love and your ego slip and snake
Hazy days all around as they come billowing down
Back to page one where this story started really getting gory

“Please, give it back!” you screech and scream
“Stop this already” quite the plea
Oh you think that I care? Well life’s just one fated snare

Welcome to horrible, pitiful, fictional, reality

Ah what a stupid way to live
Try try again you just resist
Wanna turn back the page, reset the actors on stage
Knock knock it down as you’re heaving

Howling, even louder screaming

Ah what an ugly way live!
Don’t even ask me “Why” again
You’re just bleeding with greed, and doing time for the crime
Believing miracles empty, breaking into pieces plenty

“Done with it all! I just don’t care”
Helpless and crying, you sit there

But that’s all I will say, THE END is fading away

Day after, day after, kids of tomorrow
Day after, day after, sunset
Day after, day after, day after, laugh in the haze!

Yuukei Yesterday (Translyrics)

They’re all so happy and smiling, sunny skies above

Like they’re wanting to get in my way
I’m glaring holes through the sea, parting waves in this heat
Was a long night so good thing I saved

Shooting daggers from my eyes as they step to the side
If you hate it, you don’t have to stare
“Good morning!” he shouts to me, stretches side to side
And he’s just standing there like his bedhead is a style

If you’d just take the time to look me in the eyes
We’d fall in love- no wait. I’m really not all into that

But I’m still wondering why
I can’t look in your eyes

“That’s not it, I swear…just shut up and go away!”

I know that pa-pa-para-part of me is glaring down the sunrays
Other pa-pa-para-part of me fears you might see my heart race

Hating every time I say and think but never think and say it
What is up with this voice inside my head?

Wow wow wow
Ta-ta-tara-talking to you, scowl that I’m making
I don’t know why but I’m breaking, voice is stuttering and shaking

“For the love of-NEVER MIND! Just tell me if I’m going crazy”
Yeah I know, in the end I’m really dumb

I can’t stop yawning, this classroom’s the same everyday
Just two desks not too far from the sun

It’s really freaking me out! Sooner die than show you
Radio beating loud in my brain

Rising from my desk, a careless and simple mistake
And I knew right away I’d been caught

Beating too loud not a sound
My headphone acting
Was really poorly done since they weren’t plugged in at all

“Yeah I know, so I’ve lied, but years and minutes fly
And not a single person out there would remember, right?”

But I’m still wondering why
Why my tongue always fights
I can’t even tell him how much I hate his face!

Showing a pa-pa-para-part of me so you might get the message
But the words I wanna shout to you get swallowed back up again

Going on and on, a part of me has really come to like this
Who’d ‘a known? I’m timid kind of girl

Wow wow wow
“La-la-lara-looks like you’ve been having quite a good day!”
“Do you just not comprehend my hate or should I count all the ways?

Pinching out your cheek, I hate this kind of cheeky type of person
Not again! ‘Nother day’s about to end

One more time!
Pa-pa-para-part of me is squinting through the sunrays
“Wait a sec, before you set!” breathing a gulp of air I intake

And the pa-pa-para-part of me that’s beating takes a beating
Yet the thrill is amazing even still

“I wanna ta-ta-tara-tell you!” I keep thinking as I’m sprinting
And I just don’t understand! My heart’s a bombshell and it’s ticking

‘Fore the ba-ba-bara-breath inside is gone and sun is setting
If I could, I would tell you what I thought

Can you help? I’ll do anything oh God!


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    Otsukimi Recital (Translyrics)

    “That’s it! I’m done failing every time.”
    And holding back the tears you won’t cry 

    “Hey but don’t give up!” and empty words like that would 
    Never be enough to 

    “Try and look ahead, tomorrow is brighter, I know!
    So smile in the daze and let go!”

    Pulling you away 
    Though I maybe pulled a bit too hard

    Matching the sky, blue you below
    And now I’m kinda scared maybe you’ll freeze that way

    Your teary eyes blew me away
    “I’m always shaking deep inside…I really can’t, I’ve tried!”

    Because it’s you, I just know you’ll make it through
    Look ahead, do all you can do
    If you’ve gone and you’ve given your all
    Just know you’re not alone, I’ll be here for you

    Throw away your “rather than stay…”
    It won’t do a thing for you and “Hey”

    “Maybe I might tag along!”
    Let’s go and turn the page to break the lonely days

    “It’s been so long, don’t what’s going on..”
    Again the tears you’re trying to hold back

    Sighing all the time and as you close your eyes
    Then oh my god, this is bad!

    “Well why not try even harder this time?
    Soon all of this will go far away!”

    Leading through the streets
    Though I know I pulled you really hard

    An orange sky, blue you below
    The rays are giving way
    But soon will go to sleep

    You look away and down to your feet

    I see the quiet billowing tears…falling to just fade away

    Because it’s mocking us, this painful small world
    Stabbing holes with fangs, you crumble
    “I just wanted to be by your side!”
    It’s like something in your heart curled up and it died

    Even if you never hear these
    Words and batted them all away, just know

    That you can always rely

    “I want to help you through! Oh please I beg of you!”

    “It’s you, I just know you’ll get through”
    Shout them out, the words you want to
    “Sayings things like ‘It’s over, I can’t’
    Are silly! If you want, you will meet again!”

    Breathe a gulp of air and take it in
    To face the moon so far away
    Shaking but standing your ground
    “I guess it’s worth a shot!”
    And then I stopped
    “He might be not as uncool as I thought”

    Ayano’s Theory of Happiness (Translyrics)

    Again those years run on by

    My mind filling up with only family

    “Ayano now ’s your big sister everyone

    so try to get along with her for me please”

    Little house of crimson brick, we all had fit inside of that place

    Two and fro they whispered back, making plans of their own so it seemed

    Looking deep into their eyes, so red in all three and then I see

    Hidden just beneath are memories grown ups never see

    Terror in his face he said “I’m a monster deep inside” filled with fear

    But they’re wrong and so I said “That’s not true at all, just look here”

    “That red you hate so much, a hero wears it proud! No really”

    “It’s okay, no need to be afraid anymore”

    Thinking of what’d be fun, or might be dumb,

    I was a big sister and tried my best too

    “Hey guys, look over here!” A crimson muffler I wrapped around me

    “A secret brigade -er something”

    Dye it in madder of roses, so we can begin

    Just because we play heroes, it doesn’t mean nothing

    “So maybe just a little we’ll smile again”

    And always be one big happy family

    I hope they’re happy and laughing at every new day

    And if they just couldn’t take it, they wont run away

    “Now listen close, hear this secret for you”

    And so the sun sets on a day fun and new

    Blowing spring into the air, the adult world we knew was changing too

    Something wrong I couldn’t see, like a plan of their own so it seemed

    Billow tears and fade away, the people that I love keep crying out

    No one seems to notice but it’s all dying into black

    It’s all gone wrong, but now I knew deep down

    I couldn’t tell a single soul how I felt

    “God no, oh please don’t destroy what I had found”

    In came a world where our happiness died and flew out

    Oh madder red no, I beg you, can take no more

    Why can’t you stop breaking futures so there’ll be tomorrow?

    The tears never stop falling the answer is clear

    Hiding behind smiles from ear to ear

    If they were my eyes, such red eyes, I wonder could I

    be their one and only hero who saves their future?

    I’m clumsy awkward and shameful no less

    But on this mission, I must go alone…

    Now I’m gone and wonder what the brigade is doing now and hope again

    They’re smiling all the time and they’re getting along with each other

    They probably hate me now or maybe just hurt

    I wonder, have I become for them their big sister by now?

    Will you remember the word I loved with every bit inside me

    That “happiness” ah how strange it is, the feeling

    And as tomorrow breaks, I hope you love it too

    Konoha no Sekai Jijou (Translyrics)

    Dreaming living thinking dying all stuffed into here
    Made to last but surely not last for very long
    So they put me back together in a body so I that could see

    So we tell his story even if we start at the end
    Crying crying just a tear will billow down from her face
    “Will I see him again?” as she mutters a bit

    Haribote is the city where another test is ending their
    A hundred hours were just passing by and killing time then
    Really now,
    I think they’ve had enough I just don’t see a real point to this
    Then just a boy and girl were dreaming a blue-ish whirl
    And leaping their cries until it hit those park trees

    Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
    His tiny body flying out into the street there
    Right before her eyes so blinded by the heat and by tears she cried out
    Trapping in cycles never ticking of the second hand
    Blinding a world of ever sleeping pacifists so for now
    Midsummer night dreams wont come to an end

    Dreaming seeing thinking dying all stuffed in my head
    Beating beating way too loud in this brain of mine
    Don’t you think this kind of world is just a little bit too bad for me

    So we tell their story even if we start at the end
    Trying trying just a heart that never will understand
    Such sensitive words will never get through

    Another note from the dying sun
    Another glare in heated air
    I don’t know why but this town really seems to burn me up
    along with them
    I think they’ve had enough And even if I heard a cricket cry
    With my now fading hand I reach out to pull them back
    But their running far ahead it just won’t make in time!

    Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
    That ticking second hand is stopping me from helping
    Right before my eyes they died and helped to kill such a happy ending
    Breaking me out into a scenery of falling leaves
    Leaving behind a world so bent on keeping time but I know
    It’s all in your eyes

    Laughing in the heat has disappeared and gone to elsewhere
    And August 14th now is like any other day
    When will “See you later” ever come? I hope they will be smiling on that day.
    Fighting away at the fates in such a blinded small town
    Pouring down a rain that no one ever thought to see now
    And all of the time, and all In that time

    Even if we could just go rewrite the future I know
    It’s all in those eyes

    Imagination Forest (Translyrics)

    A summer breeze comes knocking again
    I open up just to let in the sun
    And all I hear are those fleeting tweeting notes they carry away

    A half read book I place to the side
    “Hey little guy, where on earth are you from” with a smile
    And with me blindfolded I still know that it’s 3 after noon

    I know how simple this world it seems
    And yes I know, that it’s me who is weird
    But even I have to wonder why I cant just be like the rest

    And far away and out of their sight,
    there is a house in the forest of trees hid away
    And can you bet there no one crazy enough to stop by

    Don’t look in their eyes!
    A heart so cold became ice, I guess that I wasn’t able to make a friend
    And all I see everyday can never be much more than a thing
    The world outside there is made from pictures in books
    So please could you forgive me thinking such terrible things
    Will someone please let me see with my own eyes?

    Long long long since before I was born
    It’s always been an inside out world but there was burning
    Life inside me
    I knew it’d never it’d never go out

    Hey hey, when will that knock ever come?
    I just cant wait to see what kind of future is out there
    I’ll wait to hear the sound
    Knocking a beautiful call at my door

    Dreams about what life would be like
    As I stare faraway in a daze
    And just then, I could hear soft calling of a voice in the wind

    I take a leap back and knock down my tea
    And of course, it’s all over the desk
    “What can I do?”
    As I stare at the door without a thing in the way

    “Don’t look in their eyes…or they’ll be turned into stone.”
    My parents always had earnestly told me this
    And surely my eyes were to be treated in just the same way

    And just as stories go, the people will run far away
    But I don’t blame them being way too afraid
    The world was just not to love someone like me

    Knock Knock Knock and the sound is loud
    Although I’d never heard a knock upon my door so
    I was so scared
    Oh god I need to think straight

    Hey hey, hearing a knock at my door
    I never thought that I would ever hear such beating
    And just so easily
    It opened to leave me exposed and alone
    And then finding me cowering hiding eyes away
    That person was of course to be surprised
    “Don’t look in my eyes…petrified…you’ll turn to stone”
    I tried to speak but he just smiled back.

    “I was just like you, I was scared of living life
    so scared that I would turn completely stone
    But living in a world where no one is ever scared,
    now wouldn’t that be nice?

    Now now now, from a spark inside
    I had imagined a new world for me to live in
    Where they love me I feel it ringing out now

    Hey hey, what does this world look like
    I wanna know please tell me just how then can I get there
    So if I’m ever lost
    Hey will you search for me once again?

    A summer breeze comes knocking again
    Blowing the hood that you graciously gave
    Let it blow as you finally see such a beautiful smile